Brand Identity Series part 3 “Define Your Brand Personality”


Brands, like people, have distinct personalities. Although other factors come into play, people often choose a brand because the characteristics of the company or product brand mesh with their own tastes or interests. I only shop at WalMart if absolutely necessary, but often find myself at Target because I like and identify with their branding.  My father, on the other hand, rarely sets foot in … [Read more...]

Brand Identity Series part 2 “Know Your Competitors”


Your competitive environment directly impacts how you brand your products and company. For instance, in a highly competitive market like retail some companies deal in the high end of the market and some don't. WalMart has chosen to compete in the low price arena of retailing. They work hard to build a brand of "low price, friendly company". They don't confuse this message by trying to cater to a … [Read more...]

Brand Identity Series Part 1 “Know Your Customers”


Every company has a brand (how people think of them) whether they created it through design or accident. When you create your brand by design, you craft the way your company is viewed by customers and potential customers. Paying attention to your branding removes much of the uncertainty about what others expect from and say about you. Brand power is not a small detail; the Golden Arches are known … [Read more...]

Email Marketing – 10 Worst Performing Email Subject Lines

There is no denying that having a great email marketing campaign can mean additional sales or clients for your business.  We love and recommend Constant Contact to help automate and streamline your email marketing.  This article highlights some tips on what not to do when coming up with your email subject line.  It's a little counter intuitive - I thought that the worst performing subject lines … [Read more...]

FREE offer from Constant Contact


For this month only - if you sign up for Constant Contact mailing list service, using my affiliate link, and make payment for your first month service, you will get a FREE newsletter template designed to match your existing website.  This is a great value.  A customized template can really help complete your look and tie in your branding.  Opt-in newsletters give you an excellent opportunity to … [Read more...]

Free Marketing Guide from Big Commerce

big commerce

Our friends at Big Commerce have developed a new marketing guide:  Guerilla Marketing With Social Media Big Commerce shares the 7 social media strategies they've used to grow our business by 480% in the last 3 years (view the proof HERE ). And because these are all guerilla marketing strategies, you'll learn how to reach a huge number of people for a very, very low cost. Whether you want to … [Read more...]

Train and Gain Adwords Challenge


Running an Adwords campaign can be a daunting and confusing task.  I'll admit that when I first started with Adwords I couldn't get past the setup page.  Even after using it for awhile, it's hard to really know if you're using it effectively and efficiently.  Starting on October 4th, Google will hold it's Train and Gain challenge.  The challenge features a weekly list of steps to improve your … [Read more...]

Does Your Landing Page Need a Makeover?

"30 Principals of Landing Page Design" is a must read for anyone interested in decreasing their bounce rate and increasing their conversion rate.  For those just getting started with your websites, your landing page is your first page, sometimes called a splash page.  Your bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your site after coming to your landing page.  Your conversion rate is how … [Read more...]

How to Keep your Tweets Fresh

Believe it or not regularly updating your tweets will help you drive more traffic to your site. Enthusiastic Twitter users like to follow people who post consistently.  With only 140 characters at a time, it's easy to fit in a couple of Tweets daily - just setup a schedule for yourself and stick to it!  You can reply to tweets addressed to you at the same time.  This doesn't mean that you have to … [Read more...]