Is Pinterest Worth the Time?

ms-pinterestAccording to Josh Dunlop at Income Diary it is.  Let me warn you that this is a bit of a long read, and it does get semi-technical.  I LOVE numbers and data, if I can’t see proof that something makes sense, I usually don’t do it so it was nice to have some clear concise numbers that outlined why it makes sense to start pinning on Pinterest.  I’ll admit that when Pinterest first came out I didn’t love it, not because I didn’t like it, but because it seemed like a waste of time…a fun waste of time that I could literally get lost for hours in.  I was late to jump on the Pinterest love train and even now don’t spend as much time as I should on it.  But, after reading this article will reassess my approach.

125x125-Circle-96-PThis sentence is what made me a believer “Well, I have 8,350 Facebook fans, 10,200 Twitter followers and 1,550 unique Pinterest followers. Last week, I saw five times more traffic from Pinterest, than from Facebook and Twitter combined.”

Set aside 30 minutes to not only read this but start implementing it right away.  I have a whole list of do later things that often don’t get done.  If you jump right in you are more likely to do it and stick with it.  As with all other social media and marketing tools it’s not a hit it and quit it – you have to be consistent.  10 minutes a day on Pinterest is better than 2 hours twice a year.  Get started reading

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