3 Great Ideas to Lower Your Bounce Rate

Beautiful young woman buying presentsA great article on the Constant Contact blog about lowering your bounce rate and improving your sales.  It’s so easy to miss these things and have people leave your site just as fast as they got there.  Case in point, I needed to order flowers online for my mother-in-law’s birthday, I wanted to order them from site A but when I went to the site, there was so much going on that I became instantly overwhelmed and hopped on over to site B instead.  Site B had bigger pictures, less options and less going on in general…but everything I needed, including a birthday flower category, easy link to check on shipping schedule and an easy to find cart button.  Consequently, site B ended up getting my flower order.   Stephen Woessner writes:

“Someone visits the home page, a product page, or perhaps a blog post the business owner wrote (NOTE: bounce can happen on any content page within a website).

The visitor quickly scans the page from top to bottom, left to right, and after a second or two, they decide they hate it (oh no!). They’ve come to the conclusion that it isn’t what they were looking for, and they immediately leave the site to continue searching.

They also did all of that without making one single click within the site to see if any of the other content might solve their problem. Instead, they are gone.

That is bounce rate. And it is one of the most powerful metrics we have because it gives us insight into whether or not our customers feel we are delivering what they need.”

Checkout the rest of the article HERE and think about taking 30 – 60 minutes today or tomorrow and go through steps 1 – 3 and see how you can improve your website!


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