How do your calls come in?

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Let’s face it, there are many, many challenges to running an online boutique or business from your home. One of the myriad of obstacles is how to receive phone calls.

I used to use my cell but when my business took off, the cell phone didn’t quite feel professional enough. I needed a way to bridge the gap between WAHM and professional.  A client of mine who had just started a home business selling baby keepsakes, mentioned that she used Ring Central and it was a perfect fit for her.

I researched it for a couple of days and then signed up after I realized that it was SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than installing a business line. I have never regretted it. With Ring Central I could get my own 800 number (or local number if I preferred, or both) that rings through to any mobile or landline I designate.  I can have it ring to my home number, my cell number, my computer or another number if need be. I can set it to ring to different places at different times, and I can set business hours so when I’m off hours the answering machine can pick up. Voicemails are sent to my email or I can login to retrieve them.

Ring Central is a small office phone system “on the go.”  It’s truly a fantastic and highly recommended resource!  If you don’t have a business phone line solution that you love, sign up for Ring Central’s free trial TODAY.  You can always cancel if it doesn’t work for you.  Post a comment and let us know how it goes!

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