Brand Identity Series part 4 ” Make A Brand Promise”

The value of your brand is in direct correlation with how well it meets the expectations of your customers. In order to build a strong brand people have to know what your business stands for and how it fits into their lives. In order to create this fit, you have to understand your customer. Survey your customer base, directly through email or surveys (check out Constant Contact for easy to use online survey software) or indirectly on facebook, twitter or a blog to understand how they perceive your business and more importantly what they value overall. With this understanding you can make sure your brand promise is important and valuable to the customers you want most.

Your brand promise is most easily conveyed through your tagline (although every facet of your business should speak to this promise). Think of some seemingly simple taglines that help get to the heart of what the company is promising: Serta, the mattress company, has a promise of “We Make The World’s Best Mattress”. Maytag with a lonely repairman, reinforces the promise of dependable service, stating simply that they are “Dependability People” with the headquarters located at #1 Dependability Way.

Your brand promise should be stated concisely so your customers as well as everyone in your organization understands the promise, just like Maytag’s and Serta’s promises. It should convey what you do well or what sets your brand apart. It should highlight your brand promise which in turn will convince people to purchase from you.

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based on the article by Michele Schermerhorn

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