Brand Identity Series part 3 “Define Your Brand Personality”

Brands, like people, have distinct personalities. Although other factors come into play, people often choose a brand because the characteristics of the company or product brand mesh with their own tastes or interests. I only shop at WalMart if absolutely necessary, but often find myself at Target because I like and identify with their branding.  My father, on the other hand, rarely sets foot in Target, preferring the budget wise branding of WalMart.  Our own personalities factor into our differing perspectives regarding the same business.

Once you can define your targeted customer well and understand your competition, you can choose a brand personality that fits your targeted client or customer.  As with any personality, your brand personality will have distinctive traits that are directly related to who you see as your main customer base. Focus on two or three personality traits and work to develop those.  Again, this is directly related to your customers.  A younger audience might look for traits that are more youthful, trendy and irreverent? A more upscale customer base and your brand traits might be modern, conservative and stylish.

After you flesh out two to three personality traits that reflect and define your business, they must be apparent in branding efforts. Your website, advertising, logo, emails and newsletters must mesh with your brand personality. These traits should extend into every facet of your business, including your collateral materials, the people you hire, and if applicable, your brick and mortar space.

Your brand must come through loud and clear at all times. The best way to insure this is to understand these traits so they are always apparent – your customers expect this. WalMart promises “ALWAYS low prices,” and they back this up in their policies and price structure.  What does your brand promise?

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based on the article by Michele Schermerhorn

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